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Site Title

Please read the following terms and conditions for Pyjama Ltd rental and services

By accepting our services the client agrees to the following:

Rentals & Events


Confirmation & Payment



  • Bookings will be confirmed (subject to availability) when we have received full payment or an amount as previously agreed. Missed and delayed payments will incur a Late Payment Fee. This fee is calculated at 5% of outstanding payment per month.

Numbers of guests at events


  • Final numbers charged for food & drink packages to be confirmed 3 days before the event or the actual number of participants to the event, whichever is the higher.


Cancellation, Alterations & Severe Weather Conditions


  • Cancellation of paid up bookings should be made in writing. Less than 2 days before the booked date, the full price is payable.  Between 2 to 5 days before the booked date, deposit will be forfeited.

  • In the event of Typhoon Signal 8 or above, or a Black Storm Warning, both parties reserve the right to postpone the event and reschedule another date that is convenient to both parties.

  • Where extra logistics or labour is required we will liaise with the client prior to the cancellation of the event, but client should be prepared to cover any costs paid out or due to be incurred



  • Rental prices of equipment and loss/breakage/damage charges can be found at:  The hirer agrees to compensate at the stated price for any  loss/breakage/damage of items hired. 




  • Unless stated otherwise, rented or supplied equipment is at all times exclusively at the risk of the client at the venue of the event. Pyjama Ltd accepts no liability for any incident involving our equipment and the client hereby indemnifies Pyjama Ltd against all claims for damage to property or injury to persons. Suitable insurance should be taken out to cover the client's liabilities for the term of the event. Acceptance of our goods on site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. 

Self pick up

  • Self Pick Up means no effort by our side once the equipment is prepared.  We will not put in a hired van or wait for a driver to return equipment. Pick up/return must be by you or your agent from/to inside our warehouse on our floor.

Renter must inform us beforehand if there are any stairs or other delivery challenges and agrees to pay the required fee for extra manpower required as determined by Pyjama Ltd.


All equipment items are supplied on rental basis only and remain the sole property of Pyjama Ltd or our agents and contractors.

Casual Staff


  • Casual staff should be employed for a minimum of 4 hours

  • For formal events staff will wear all black - shirt, trousers & shoes for guys, or all in one for girls, unless told otherwise

  • For casual events eg on a beach, staff will wear jeans or shorts as appropriate to the weather, unless told otherwise

  • Please provide adequate soft drinks/water for all staff 

  • For events over 6 hours duration kindly give a short break or provide food.

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