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If you are required to register our vehicles for deliveries please find their registrations below:


Van:    ST 5372

Truck:  SG 1174


The round-trip delivery charge for orders requiring our vans is $750; for orders requiring our 9.5 tonne truck is $1000; larger orders will be based on number of trips and size of vehicle.

Minimum charge (before delivery is added) is usually $1000, though you are always welcome to self pick up* from our warehouse near Kennedy Town Swimming Pool.   If we possibly can with our schedule, we will entertain any sized order, large or small.  Just ask!

Additional surcharges may apply for remote locations, for tunnel fees, for late night/early morning deliveries, and particularly for extra labour needed for stairs or difficult access. 

We charge per event (up to a week) , not per day, so if delivery the day before your event is possible then it makes sense - we know events can be stressful.  We're happy to get everything there well in advance so if anything is not quite right, your side or ours, it can be rectified without panic.

The sur-charge for difficult access and stairs is less if you tell us beforehand so we can arrange the appropriate manpower, than if we turn up and find out then.  Sorry but, we reserve the right to NOT deliver to any address we deem to be too difficult if we have not been given prior warning, especially if it means delaying other clients.  Please be courteous and help us get to the next customer on our schedule on time.

*Self Pick Up means no effort by our side once the equipment is prepared.  We will not put in a hired van or wait for a driver to return equipment.  Pick up must be by you or your agent to inside our warehouse on our floor.

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