Tent & Marquee Rental

Ask us for special rates for large events

Important note on public events requiring a Public Places of Entertainment License: 


BUILDINGS DEPARTMENT: Any structure equal to or over 2.5m x 2.5m x 3.5m(h) requires some sort of endorsement by a Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) to ensure safety.  For the 3m x 3m "pop-up" tents an RSE Certificate is needed.  For larger "pop-up" tents some simple calculations and RSE Certificates are needed.  For the more substantial pagoda tents, more detailed calculations and on-site certification may be needed.  


FIRE SERVICES DEPARTMENT:  The Pagoda tents are made of materials which conform to the standards required by the FSD and we can provide the relevant certificates.  "Pop-up" tents generally need spraying with a fire retardant solution and a certificate will be issued.


We can assist with all of the above.  Please be clear if your event is public or private when requesting quotes.

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