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We offer a number of payment solutions for your on-site sales at events, which can range from a simple programmable till for collecting cash to cashless Radio-Frequency Identification plastic cards or wrist bands, which have many other advantages to just product purchases.


See our Festival Equipment rental page for basic cash and token counting equipment.  For many festivals and sporting events we have provided the token sellers and the back room accounting and cash reconciliation management.


Please read on for more comprehensive solutions:

(this service not limited to Hong Kong)


RFiD - Technology

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) 1is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object We use RFiD in plastic cards or in wrist bands so that events can use it for access control, cashless payments and brand activation. RFiD supplies enormous amounts of data about every facet of the event allowing the organizer to make informed decisions in the future. 1



RFiD - Cashless payments

Handling payments in temporary event environments is always challenging therefore many events use tokens/vouchers to mitigate the security risks and to add additional commission based revenue steams. RFiD Cashless payments gets rid of the headaches of counting and settling tokens but keeps the benefits of centralized cash handling. It speeds up the transactions so you take more money. It gives you extremely rich temporal data about every transaction at your event.


RFiD - Access control

Traditionally access control relies on a human checking a ticket, a wrist band or a lanyard RFiD Access control allows audiences to: Efficiently gain access to events and restricted areas such as VIP areas Accurately track numbers Provides excellent data Hugely enhanced security



RFiD - Brand activation

Event marketing allows brands to connect with audiences and build awareness, recognition, and loyalty. The challenge for marketers is how to go from passive to interactive engagement. RFiD provides a mechanism through brand activation for the brands to interact with the event attendees directly and unobtrusively. Data can be exchanged in return for benefits such as free giveaways. The brand will be able to collect: 
Email addresses
Social media accounts
Demographic data 



Infrastructure, networking and Wi-Fi

Modern events use modern connected technology for all manner of reasons including:

Access control
Onsite communications
Streaming content to the world
These all need robust upstream networks and Wi-Fi 
Etechevent has the equipment and expertise to deliver robust fault tolerant networks into any event space, indoors or outdoors 



Point of sales (POS)

Most events have significant revenues from onsite sales. Without a POS it is very time consuming to settle and reconcile these transactions efficiently. Our POS is designed specifically for events:

Multiple vendors/concession menus
Fast order entry
Integrated with RFiD technology
Online live account reporting
Our credit card machines are portable and can take multiple credit and bank cards.
AliPay, American Express, China Union Pay, Mastercard and Visa. 

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