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In Hong Kong there are currently three major licenses needed to hold a public event, though you might not need all of them depending on your location and your activities.  Thre may be fees for music licencing, though this is simple to handle yourself:

Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence

For making application for the grant of licence to hold public entertainment event of a temporary nature issued by the Food & Environmental Hygene Department.

Please note the applicant shall apply to the Director for the licence in accordance with the following time frames:

(i) at least 42 days for function requiring erection of temporary structure; or

(ii) at least 18 days for function other than dance party not requiring erection of temporary structure; or

(iii) at least 7 working days for dance party not requiring erection of temporary structure. 

Temporary Liquor Licence 

This application should be submitted to Commissioner of Police at least 12 working days before the commencement of the proposed public entertainment or public occasion.  


A full liquor license holder of a bar, club or restaurant is required to submit the application and be the responsible person for the event.  We work closely with a number of such licensees  willing to undertake the application.

Temporary Food Factory Licence

The applicant shall submit to the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene the application of Temporary Food Factory Licence at least 12 working days before the proposed commencement date of the licence. 

Generally food is to be prepared in a permanently Licensed Restaurant or Licensed Food Factory before being brought to the site of the event to be reheated.


Pyjama charges per hour of work it takes for submission and follow up, which will depend on number of food vendors (and their cooperation levels) and the type and number of temporary structures, among other things.

Government fees are charged at cost and are not particularly expensive.

A fee is payable to the liquor license holder dependant on the risk involved due to the type of event.

Application form for TPPE licence

Application form for TFF licence

Temp Liq Lic.pdf

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