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At the heart of any event is food, usually with a good dose of stimulating drinks be it wine, a cocktail or a daytime coffee

Launching soon...

Pyjama Kitchen is launching in May 2022 for

  • cocktail parties

  • canapes

  • BBQs

  • buffets

  • family-style sharing

  • junk boats

  • picnics

  • themed

  • weddings

  • formal dinners

  • chef's table

We're lucky enough to have our own enthusiastic mixologist, Matt, and in-house coffee barista, Chun.

The directors of pyjama have years of running / managing / owning some of Hong Kong's most  iconic bars and clubs [for their time~] and know their way around a martini and a cappuccino.

We offer drinks packages for events and house parties or go here to buy a la carte.  

Of course we're the go to guys to offer full on management service for 30,000+ people per day at festivals too.

The nice part  - drinks

The tough part - logistics

We've been in this game long enough to learn [the hard way we admit] that making delicious food, fu fu canapes or choosing a half decent wine is the easy bit.

Getting it to the correct venue, way ahead of time and in one piece when you have a huge amount of stock to deal with, table cloths to make nice, or multiple other events on that day is the actual tough part.

That is the bit pyjama specialises in. Hey, we do the F&B for Clockenflap! 


We have our own vehicles. We do logistics first and make sure the chefs and staff are doing their bit on time, with passion, and with back up if needed - on your behalf so you can relax and enjoy!

We are the 24/7 Event
Solutions People

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