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TV & Film

Fixer & producer service

A TV "fixer" is the local guy on the ground who "fixes" everything for a TV, film or production crew coming into an area they are not familiar with. Pyjama can provide everything, including your pyjamas, to make your shoot in Hong Kong smooth and successful. Contact us today for a quote. 

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Our Previous work


We worked as local producer, researcher & fixer for MAKE World Media for their series 'Serial Swindlers' for Singapore's AETN Crime and Investigation Channel, which is is now broadcasting.

Services we provide

• having been in Hong Kong for over 20 years we know the city well and can scout the ideal location.
• the Hong Kong Government bends over backwards to help filming in the city, however there are times when you will need permits, authorisations, permissions and licensing from governments, police and national parks.
• budget advice - Hong Kong can be an expensive city, no doubt, but we can guide you to keep you on budget.
• accommodation from the grand dame The Penninsula Hotel with amazing harbour views, to a sleeping bag on our office floor.
• Hong Kong has no sales tax (VAT) so it could be the perfect place to purchase your film equipment. We have assisted with repair and rental also.
• The city arguably has the best public transportation system in the world, but maybe you would prefer to see the sights from a helecopter, a limo or a fishing boat - we've found them all before. More practical vehicles such as SUVs and small vans also readily available for hourly or daily rental.
• local qualified camera, sound & light crew are top of their game; runners are easy to find.
• Cantonese, the local lingo, is almost incomprehensible to an outsider, so you'll need us to help you there.
• we know our way around a library and the government departments if it is some local research you need.
• fake it! - back drops and decorations.
• the home of Bruce Lee has many aspiring actors, or with no unions just grab that interesting old man off the street and make him your star.
• The serious stuff - Security and risk assessments.
• utility supplies such as electric, water, WCs.


This list is by no means totally exhaustive.

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